Looking for a scenic aerobic experience or just a peaceful walk in the woods? You will love snowshoeing!

Snowshoeing an excellent low impact activity for anyone living in or visiting the Park City area. For photographers, snowshoeing in the Park City area is a great option as you can access scenic areas that cannot be accessed on skis or snowmobiles.

Suggested Snow Shoe Trails

Armstrong: An easy way to get some snowshoeing on the mountain in without having to drive anywhere from Silver Star! Only minutes from Silver Star Ski & Sport, Armstrong trail in the winter starts from the top of the cottage cul de sac. Snowshoeing helps you burn some calories from the base of the mountain up to where it connects to Mid Mountain! Armstrong is a great mountain trail with mature tree cover and incredible views of the Park City area.

Round Valley: Only five minutes east on Highway 248 from Siver Star, over 700 acres of rolling friendly hills contains a awesome network of trails perfect for beginning intermediate snowshoers looking for easier terrain off the mountain with incredible views of Park City and the surrounding mountains.