What is Team Onion?  It all started the first winter we were open in 2008/ 2009.  Vidalia the English bulldog was allowed to come to work every day and as long as she didn't eat any product or bite any customers.  She was named after the sweet onion from Georgia and her actual full AKC registered name is Sweet Vidalia Mountain Onion.  Since Vidalia is a little bit of a mouthful to say, her nickname is Vidy and many also started to call her Onion.  As the winter went on, customers really loved having a shop dog and started just coming in to visit her and then started asking for t-shirts, stickers and other items with her face on them.  At first, we thought this was ridiculous but, as more and more requests were made, we thought maybe there was something to this.  Around the same time we were putting together the summer plan and decided to come up with a design featuring the face of Vidalia for our team bike jersey.  We were able to get the t-shirts first and quickly sold out of the first batch.  The first round of cycling jerseys and t-shirts had just the Onion on them.  

Then, in the fall of 2009, Tallulah the French bulldog joined the family and quickly became a hit too.  Tallulah is named after the famous actress from back in the 50's, Tallulah Bankhead.   The name has really nothing to do with any kind of food, especially onions.  Together, Vidalia and Tallulah are affectionately known as Team Onion.  Until recently, both dogs could be found hanging out in the shop on most days.  We lost Vidalia this fall, but Tallulah is still around sleeping on the job and begging for pets and treats!

Both faces (and their behinds!) can be found on many of the items in the shop and each dog also has a plush mini version that can also be purchased!  We have also created a calendar with the dogs dressed in different themes for each month!  Do you want to become part of Team Onion?  It's easy...just purchase a jersey or t-shirt!  Below are some of the many customers showing off their Team Onion gear!


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